This site is sponsored by the Kings Mountain Awareness Group (KMAG). We are a group of concerned citizens who are adamantly opposed to the construction of a casino in Kings Mountain, NC because of the negative moral, social, economic, and/or spiritual impact that it will have on the community. KMAG is dedicated to researching and sharing real data on the impacts of a casino in Kings Mountain. Be an educated voice.

Are you willing to place a bet on how a casino might impact our community? Your own family?


Are you willing to let our community become a statistic?



Find out why State-sanctioned gambling is the only business where most of the people who profit from it and promote it don't do it and don't want to live near it and why the designer of the slot machine said "Slots are for losers".


Meet the Men and Women Enshried as Members of The Hyprocrite Hall of Fame.







Top Reasons Why Casinos Are A Bad Idea.


False hope of economic boom


Increased Gambling Addiction


Increased crime


Negative Social Impact


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