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Are you willing to place a bet on how a casino might impact our community? Your own family?


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Lie: “Commercial Gambling Creates Jobs”


No great nation or state has ever built prosperity on the foundations of personal debt, addiction, and the steady expansion of businesses that milk existing wealth instead of producing new wealth. Relying on gambling as an economic development strategy exemplifies the attitudes and practices– short-term is more important than sustainable, wealth can come from ever-growing debt, something can come from nothing –that led us to where we are now.


The infamous subprime mortgage lender Countrywide Mortgage employed a lot of people and made a lot of money but they did it by selling bad loans to people who could not afford them. It was phony prosperity. No one believes their kind of business practices are the right direction for any state. Casinos are the ultimate example of phony prosperity.

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An American Declaration on Government and Gambling

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Increased Crime


False Hope of Economic Boom


Increased Gambling Addiction


Negative Social Impact


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